a simple program to browse and search in twitter and mastodon archives

it can import a wide range of archive formats for both, merge them into a single database, and run precise queries over the whole set.

tumelune screenshot

downloads for tumelune v0.16.0: (downloads archive)

once started, it will open your default browser or give you an url like

on linux, run it with --install to copy it along with a .desktop file and icon in your ~/.local/ directory (or as set in XDG variables).
compilation, advanced usage, and technical notes are in the README.md included in source archive.


Warning: before 1.0, database may be lost after an update.

v0.16 - 2024-05-04

v0.15 - 2023-04-15

v0.14 - 2021-12-27

v0.13 - 2021-06-11

v0.12 - 2021-03-24

v0.11 - 2021-03-19

v0.10 - 2020-12-22